Laws of nature, astronomy, gravitation, physics, chemistry, radiates, stars, atomic- and kernel-bonds, water, and so on by Martin Haertel, Berlin



Document to the laws of nature






Copyright © by Haertel Martin, All Rights Reserved, Berlin, Germany 2005




This work will work up the natural fundamentals of particle electricity by the newest sight.

It is going out from the theory of plus- minus- original charges


Since a lot of years the author is working to find out the exact nature laws.

The aim always was absolutely honesty to the nature.

Considerateness to old wrong and doubtful opinion were strictly forbidden.



This work with the name of 'particles' is a collected edition with follows single documents:


Electro1CurrentCoilsBond0K-AtmosLightningsMagnetsWaveE-Shell respectively 1_2Elektron



Thereby many is assumed as known.


If the reader are missing precognitions, there is referred to follow documents:


Astronomy   Astrophysics   Electro   Doctrine   Kernel   Force   Radiates   Specials   Teilchen






to I.        Electro1

This document shows the fundamentals of particle-electricity. It explains the effect of force at atomic’s border, shell systems, special electro shells, electros as 4-particles, flowing speed, fluctuation of particles between shells, wave-length, voltage U, inductivities at Cu and Fe, special mechanism like radio smog, border of open wire, non-conducting air, thunderstorm, particle bundles, conduction and other current losses, special explanations to minos, protecting ring systems


to II.      Current

This script deals with stream and wave-lengths. speed, frequencies and radio, differences of short- and long-wave-particles, phases at the alternating current coil, U- and I-measurement, performance, indolence of I, more specials to coils, radio at short-wave-particles, capacitor at direct and alternating current.


to III.     Coils

This document completes and enhances the others and supplies still more generals and specials to coils. It deals with overlapping shells to conduct stream, further about voltage, convolutions of coils, resistors, density, radio, more special effects of coil kernels and their reach of forces.


to IV.     AtomicMolecularBonds

Here are expounds suitable effects to metals and the manipulation of their wave-lengths at the border, further specials to wave-lengths, reach of forces, the tightness of bonds, 0 Kelvin, long waves particles and the wave-length-effects at melting points.


to V.       0Kelvin_Atmos

It shows the plus-minus-constitution of the earth, to it belonging border wave-lengths, explanations to the climate, present free minos, day/night-effects, upper and low shells of the atmosphere, orbits of satellites, the last shell of minos and 0 Kelvin.


to VI.     Lightnings

Here are explained fundamentals of water, its evaporation, the accruement of lightnings and the conductance of water.


to VII.    Magnets

Scopes: Systematic of wave-lengths with natural magnets, permeability, gravitation, force of charges by wave-lengths, Cu- and Fe-effects


to VII.    Wave

Topic: general to wave-length, positioning at the border of atoms, masse (more heavier 4-particles are drifting deeper into the shell system).


to VII.    E-Shell and 1_2-Electron

Here are explained s-shells, the most extern shell with 1 respectively 2 electrons, atom distances, gases and qualified temperature




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